1776 United x Hagwood Soap Co. Collaboration

1776 United x Hagwood Soap Co. Collaboration

This is one collaboration you won't want to miss


We reached out to 1776 United after tossing ideas of a soap collaboration back and forth to each other previously to see if they were still interested in running a collaboration together. Turned out they were more than ready so we sent out multiple scent profiles for them to test out before making the fire decision. What we landed on was Campfire and Gunpowder scented soaps. Now, before you think "why in the HECK would I want to smell like Gunpowder?!"... it's not what you expect. If you've never shot a gun, you wouldn't be able to tell it slightly mimics a gunpowder scent, but for our experienced shooters, you'll be able to pick up on it right away. Lets dive in a little deeper into each bar to give you an idea on what you're purchasing.

Washingtons Campfire

After going with the Campfire scented soap idea, the team over at 1776 United came up with this badass Washingtons Campfire label. Now this is a true campfire scented soap. You can smell smokey/woodsy notes mixed in with almost a "spicey" note. It doesn't smell like your late night, drunken bon fires... It smells like Independence.

In order to get that orange-ish campfire tone in the soap itself, we used crushed up annatto seeds. After being crushed up into a fine powder, we added it into the soap for it's rich color enhancement properties. The color isn't the only thing the annatto seeds are good for, Annatto seeds are high in tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E. They are also a rich source of antioxidants, which are beneficial for protecting skin cells, as well as minerals like calcium, sodium, and iron.

Plus, did we mention it smells like Independence? 🔥

Black Powder

This is a true, black powder soap. Before writing this blog post I thought about how to describe this soap and how it smells to me and well... all I can say is that it smells pretty darn close to Gun Powder! It's pretty smokey smelling but has bottom notes of Gun Powder. It's truly a unique bar soap that everyone will enjoy.

Other than smelling amazing, we added Hardwood Activated Charcoal into the soap to give it that dark, Black Powder look. I mean sh*t, we may as well have put black powder into it! (joking)

All in all, this is a collaboration you DO NOT want to miss out on. It will be release on 1776united.com at 12:00pm EST on Friday (June 19th, 2020). These WILL go quickly, we promise. Give us a follow on IG at @hagwood to stay updated.


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