Halloween 2023 Release

Halloween 2023 Release


Introducing "The Tales of Arthur J Pigman" Limited Edition Halloween Soap - a spine-tingling cleansing experience that will immerse you in the darkest depths of fear. Enter a world where the line between human and beast is blurred, and the scent of impending doom lingers in the air like a haunting melody.

As the blood moon rises and the shadows grow long, prepare to bathe in the sinister essence of Sandalwood, the very scent that forewarns of Arthur J Pigman's malevolent presence. This soap captures the essence of terror, embracing the macabre tale of a half-pig, half-man butcher with an insatiable hunger for the most unspeakable acts.

With each eerie lather, you'll feel the shivers crawl down your spine, as if the very essence of Arthur J Pigman is reaching out from beyond the grave. The Sandalwood scent will envelop you, much like the unfortunate souls who once crossed paths with this nightmarish abomination.

"The Tales of Arthur J Pigman" soap is not for the faint of heart. It's a limited edition creation that delves into the darkest recesses of your imagination. With every use, you'll be transported to a world where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, where the scent of Sandalwood becomes an ominous harbinger of impending doom.

This Halloween, dare to cleanse your body and soul with "The Tales of Arthur J Pigman" Limited Edition Halloween Soap. But beware, for once you've entered the world of this unholy butcher, there may be no escape. Embrace the fear, embrace the darkness, and let the legend of Arthur J Pigman haunt your every shower. Will you survive the tale, or will you become a part of it? The choice is yours, but the terror is unavoidable.


Be on the site on 10.20.2023 @ 7PM EST

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