Surf Wax Soap?

Surf Wax Soap?

As many of you may know, I built Hagwood around things that brought me happiness; Scents that reminded me of the good ole times. One of those good times being surfing from the time I could walk!

If you've grown up on the coast, especially popular surf towns, you're no stranger to the smell of Coconut scented surf wax. Growing up, my dad used Mr. Zoggs sex wax (it's surf wax... you nastys), which has the textbook scent profile of surf wax. I can smell this coconut goodness from a mile away and instantly be taken back to good times on the beach learning to surf with my dad.

As I grew Hagwood Soap Co., I scoured the internet searching for ways to take that scent of surf wax, and embed it into a soap that will always be one of my favorites. Well... turns out no one had Surf Wax soap! I thought, how has NOBODY come out with a soap that smells like Mr. Zoggs Sex Wax?! Completely mind blown, I dove in.

It didn't take me long to discover the sweet combo of coconut and select tropical fruit scents that matched the scent profile of our favorite surf wax. This was the birth of... *cue drum roll* THE ALOHA.

If you know anything about the smell of surf wax and can't get enough of that scent (like us), give it a shot! We have a no BS 100% money back guarantee if you don't enjoy it.

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  • I’m here for the zog’s, I’m going to try it out. Fingers crossed it’s a match!


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