The Summer '21 Collection Line-Up

The Summer '21 Collection Line-Up

Ah yes, Summer is finally upon us

In 2021, we began creating our first ever "Collections" releases. We kicked it off with the Spring '21 release, and now we're about to roll into the Summer '21 release! Just as all of our Limited Editions go, these releases will NEVER be released again. We do however try to make enough to last as long as possible. Let's dive into this years first ever, Summer '21 Collection.


Key Lime

This mouth watering scent will remind you of fresh, handmade Key Lime Pie. From the notes of the Key Limes, to the buttery notes of the crust and whipped cream, this authentic Key Lime soap uses actual Key Limes in the blend for that true Key Lime Scent.

Georgia Peach

Who doesn't love a cold, tall glass of Peach Iced Tea after a long summer day? This blend features a true Georgia Peach scent infused with actual Georgia Red Clay which has amazing skin benefits.

The Endless Shower

Inspired by a day at the beach, nothing says summertime like the true scent of Coppertone sunscreen. We added all natural Zinc Oxide in this blend which has been known to help prevent sunburns.

RELEASES 06.04.2021 AT 7:00PM EST

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