Typical Handmade Soap Packaging vs How we do things

Typical Handmade Soap Packaging vs How we do things

We seen it, you seen it, they seen it

You go to your local Farmers Market, and what do you notice? Small bricks of soap, laid out maybe in a wooden crate, some flowers scattered around it... wrapped in some cardboard piece of paper that looks like a hot coffee sleeve.

You pick the soap up to give it a sniff as that old lady running the tent stares at you intently. Creeped out, you give that opaque colored bar a sniff... Lavender? Rose? Your Grandmas closet smell? That’s not what you’re looking for. You’re a hard working MF’er looking for a soap that works as hard as you do... and looks the part!

This is where we stepped into game. We took the soap concept 99.9% of companies use, and turned it upside down.

The Container

We decided to go a completely different route when it comes to packaging soap. Most soaps are either boxed in a cardboard box, or one of those hot coffee sleeve looking things with some stamp on it. We get it... it's more eco-friendly, but is it user friendly? Are they using packaging to their fullest? Our 5oz, durable plastic container doesn't just keep your soap from getting damaged from point A to point B, but it also acts as a traveling soap container/dish!

Going on a vacation but don't want to use those small, dry hotel soaps? Just toss your Hagwood Soap bar into it's container, snap it closed and you're off! Not only is it durable, but its also water proof so you won't have to worry about any left over water leaking out into your travel bags.

We also encourage everyone to RECYCLE our soap containers! There are hundreds of ways you can re-use our containers. Some of you guys have came up with uses from keeping coins in, screws and nuts, and even fishing hooks. We love seeing that kind of thing.

The Label

Tired of buying soaps, having to toss the ingredient/label wrapper and forget what kind of scent it was? We take advantage of the flat surface on our 5oz containers to slap a White Vinyl, Water and UV proof label printed with each soap name. This has also given us the artistic ability to come up with some hilarious Limited Editions that we offer monthly.

Still not convinced? Try one of our soaps out for yourself to get the full experience. If it's not your thing, we back our products with a 100% refund guarantee.

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