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Pinch n' Spark Fire Starter - Hagwood

Hagwood Outdoors

Pinch n' Spark Fire Starter

$ 6.00

Harvested from the swamps of South Florida, we take downed pine trees that are rich in flammable resin and grind them up into these perfect, easy to light shavings. Simply toss this bag into your camping gear and have the ability to start fires in ANY condition. Our dagwood shavings have been known to light in even the most humid, wet conditions you'll find yourself in.

It's pretty simple to use...

  • Make sure you have a way to light up your fire (lighter, matches, magnesium, etc.)
  • Grab a small pinch of shavings from your pouch and pile it up where you plan on lighting your fire
  • Strike it or light with a lighter/match and add your firewood and you're good to go!

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