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If you're using Hagwood Soap Co. products, chances are you enjoy spending your time outdoors doing badass things. We know how much it sucks to run out of your favorite soaps, and how much most of you all rely on these products on a day to day basis to crush it every day. This is why we decided to add a subscription service to our line. It's simple, saves you money each month, and allows you to focus on those badass moments we all enjoy.

The process is very simple:

  • Choose your favorite products from below
  • Determine the amount of each product you want to receive
  • Choose from getting your soap delivered every month or every other month
  • Checkout just as you normally would and create and account if not already created.

If you ever need to cancel, change your payment info, change which date you want the bars delivered, or to change up your monthly delivery, simply log into your account and you will have FULL customization of your monthly Hagwood Soap Co. Experience.