A climbers best friend

A climbers best friend

   Growing up in Florida didn't give me a whole lot to work with when it came down to learning how to rock climb. Being a "flat lander" (hate that term), meant my focus shifted more towards activities such as Surfing and Skateboarding which takes a toll on your hands over time (mostly the skateboarding... damn road rashes). Still amused by the adrenaline fueled sport of rock climbing, I've spoken to numerous climbers and they all have one thing in common... their palms look like they have met a stump grinder! Okay.. maybe a bit dramatic there, but come on, if you climb then you can relate.

   After speaking with some actual everyday climbers       about how bad their hands actually get torn up, I decided to send them some of our Recovery Salve to be put to the test as their pre and post climbing recovery salve (ahhh now you know where the name came from!). This quickly became a huge hit amongst them and their friends as it truly helped speed up the recovery process climbers face. Now if you haven't already tried out our Salve, then you're probably wondering whats so special about it anyways...


   Our Recovery Salve is packed with botanicals infused in premium, organic Olive oil where it is then mixed with Florida beeswax and Vitamin E. The botanical infusion we use is 100% unique and infused in-house, so you know its real. We currently, as far as I can research, hold the only product that contains this infusion of herbs. 

This infusion of herbs and oils are a combination of Calendula flowers, Plantain Leafs, Comfrey, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and a few others (can't give the full recipe away..greedy). Each one of these ingredients serve a purpose, but the one they all have in common is their known abilities to provide relief to swelling, bruising, cuts, scrapes and more. Now, if you climb, you already can get where I'm going with this... This stuff is the ultimate recovery salve for your climbing addiction.


There's a link at the bottom of this page to get to our Recovery Salves to purchase if you are interested. If you do decide to purchase one (or twelve), write in the notes section of your checkout that you read this article and decided to give it a shot and i'll hook you up with some extra goodies.

Climb on. Permission to get DIRTY


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