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I started Hagwood LLC back in 2012 selling natural, resin rich, fire starters. I grew up in sunny (yeah... right) South Florida doing what many other true Floridians do, hunt, fish and surf. I used these handmade fire starters personally before deciding to put them out for sale. We used them to light our camp fires in the woods, bon fires on the beach, and our family fire pit on chilly nights. After having such a demand for the fire starters from friends and family, I decided why not share the experience with everyone.

After selling these fire starters for about two years, I started dabbling in the soap industry. It first started off as soap I made to suit my own needs. Growing up in South Florida you quickly learn what will sting, bite, and burn you, and I made these soaps with that in mind. I realized pretty quickly that I was on to something here... soap with a purpose. I made my first bar of soap called the Gold bar, named after my famous fire starter, Hagwood Gold (similar... right?). This Gold bar was packed with botanical extracts that helped me with cuts, bruises, and any infections from hauling wood out of the swamps daily.

Today, I still make all of our products with that same mindset. My products fit my lifestyle, and my guess is they probably fit yours as well! I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about our history and I cannot wait to continue to grow as a company, but more importantly, as a community. So... that being said. Take a look around, I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

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