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Camping 101: Tips

Chris Hagler

Whether you're new to the camping world, or maybe you're even an avid weekend warrior who takes every chance they can get to be in the woods with friends... we decided to compile a few quick tips to make sure you have a smooth, and badass camping experience.


You can't have an epic camping trip without having a few drinks in the cooler (or cases of beer). We suggest to bring aluminum cans or bottles as you can crush them for easy clean up. We aren't alcoholics... we promise!

Tip #2: Bring a bluetooth speaker

Nothing says camping like some Classic music. We usually bring a Bluetooth Speaker called a Jam Box XT (Get one HERE) that lasts several days on one charge and is loud enough to hear two camps over... sorry neighbors.

Tip #3: Harvest some Lighter knot

This can only be found in woods where there are a plentiful amount of pine trees. Lighter Knot is a solid piece of downed pine tree, whether that be the stump all the way to the branches) that has been knocked down and saturated with its hardened sap. This sap is extremely flammable and perfect for starting fires. Orrrr if you can find enough, use only Lighter Knot for a fire like no other.

Tip #5: Frier!

Every camp we set up HAS to have a fryer in the mix. Shit, you can fry just about anything (if you're drunk enough). Chicken, venison, gator, steak, potatoes, twinkles, oreos... it does it all!

TIP: to get the perfect frills on chicken tenders, add some beer to the flour and toss them in a bag. Trust us.

Tip #6: Bring Christmas Trees to burn

If you never had a legit Christmas Tree fire, have you even experienced TRUE camping? Best bet is to bring 50+ trees after Christmas after people toss them out, throw them in the fire and stand back. It's going to get hot!

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