Top 5 must have's for the outdoor enthusiast

Top 5 must have's for the outdoor enthusiast

#1 Light-up Tent Stakes

These badass, aluminum tent stakes will light up your tent area for up to 10 hours using the bright 17 lumen lights attached. Now don't worry, you won't have to lug around tons of batteries to keep these lighted over a long camping trip... they are SOLAR POWERED! How cool is that? Now you can rest easy at night knowing your drunk Uncle Dave won't trip over your tent strings. #thanksdave
You can purchase them HERE

#2 Stingray Tree Tent

Stay off the cold, hard ground and get up in the tree's with the Tentsile Vista Tree Tent! Using four entry points, its the perfect tent for you and 2 other buddies (or just you for those bed hogs out there).

Stay high and dry HERE

#3 Campfire Griddle

Break out the eggs, bacon, sausage and yes... even pancakes with this 17" griddle that will cook the meanest of breakfasts. Did we mention it also converts in the a grill as well?

Cook like a pro HERE

#4 Gorilla Glue Tape

Come on guys... did you really think this top 5 list would REALLY be complete without some state of the art, tough as titanium, used to build skyscrapers (okay maybe not that one) duct tape?! Do yourself a favor and get a roll, you never know when you need to shut up your whiney neighbor in the woods.

Shut your neighbor up HERE

#5 The Portable Camping Pocket Shower

Last but not least... the camping shower. We had to toss something into the top 5 that allows you to bring your favorite Hagwood Soap along on your trip. Just fill, hang and rise!

Shower your stinky self HERE

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