Oblero Interview

Oblero Interview

Hagwood Soap Co.

Chris Hagler  is the startup founder of Hagwood Soap Co. His store sells soap, balms, shampoo, and other healthcare products. His store features a giveaway section, offers conditional free shipping on orders over $50, and even allows people to wholesale his products. 

What’s been your biggest accomplishment with any of your online stores?

Chris: My biggest accomplishment was to turn something I was into creating as a hobby, into something that provides value to people. To me, providing value is the key in any business. Reading numerous emails and Instagram messages daily about how or soaps changed their lives is what fuels me to push harder everyday.

Which mistake did you learn the most from?

Chris: My biggest mistake and lesson I have learned is that a very vocal, unhappy customer can be turned into a very vocal HAPPY customer more than 90% of the time. Never ignore your customers and always treat them with respect. Remember, they are going out of their way to buy something from YOU rather than thousands of others, how cool is that!

What strategy or tactic has been your biggest money maker?

Chris: My best strategy for making the most money is to just be myself and to stick to what my company stands for. Don’t copy anyone else, keep your head down, and keep grinding day in and day out. Show your face, don’t be afraid to do live videos, don’t be afraid to mess up. People buy from people who they can relate to.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone starting out?

Chris: I’d say the biggest piece of advice I could give is to be patient, but yet aggressive. Don’t think you’re going to start a business and be able to quit your job in 5 years and “live the dream”, but also be aggressive in the sense that you want to get there at all costs. You have to be the tortoise IN the hare’s costume. Also, don’t worry about what everyone else has and how far every other company is, focus on you and then watch the people come to you. Don’t try to please everyone and stay true to what your brand stands for and the customers will relate and find you. If you can do all of that while staying patient, you’re golden.

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