The Tales of Arthur J. Pigman - Vol 1

The Tales of Arthur J. Pigman - Vol 1

In the heart of Jupiter, Florida, nestled deep within the eerie expanse of Dupuis Wildlife Management Area, a spine-chilling legend looms. They called him Arthur J. Pigman – a nightmarish abomination of half-man, half-pig, said to have been born in the shadows of the Everglades. His presence alone sent shivers down the spines of those who dared to wander into his territory.

Arthur's story began in a time long forgotten, whispered around campfires as a tale of terror. He was rumored to have been a reclusive butcher in his former life, but darkness had consumed him, transforming him into a relentless murderer. With the moon as his silent accomplice, he hunted those who strayed into his hunting grounds, their terrified cries echoing through the dense, ominous woods.

The residents of Jupiter lived in dread of Arthur J. Pigman's gruesome presence, steering clear of Dupuis WMA after the sun dipped below the horizon. Some spoke of hearing guttural grunts and witnessing glimpses of a grotesque figure lurking amidst the trees. Local legend had it that he could smell the fear in his victims, much like the Sandalwood scent that preceded their doom.

As the sinister legend of Arthur J. Pigman unfolded, the first volume ended with a spine-chilling promise: the terror was far from over. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the harrowing saga of "The Tales of Arthur J. Pigman." To be continued...

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